A self storage unit can be an essential, if not unwanted, aspect of today’s life. Nearly one in 10 American households uses self storage. Some of the reasons people choose self storage are moving, remodeling their home, military relocation, or major life transitions (marriage/divorce etc.). Or, for business. If you’ve never rented a self-storage unit before, there is a good chance that you aren’t sure what to consider when selecting an establishment. This article aims to guide you towards the perfect self-storage unit that suits your requirements. A checklist is provided to assist you when looking for your ideal self-storage unit.

LOCATION: Most people choose to store their valuables nearby where they reside or work. This gives a comforting feeling that your possessions are accessible and nearby. The decision may depend less on whether you think you will use your storage space very often. Think about the accessibility of the storage facilities. You might ask, “Is the facility located near a highway? Or is it tucked into a rural road?” You will want to know that the building is situated in an area which is safe and clean.

SECURITY: Modern facilities have the essentials covered in terms of security. This should include at least a brightly-lit facility in case the need arises to enter the building after dark. It also includes a gate that is computerized and protected by a password, closed circuit cameras, or CCTVs. Do you not expect your valuables be at the location when you require them?

UNIT SIZES. You’ll find that the self-storage unit sizes are available in a huge variety. These units range from 5×5 to 5×5 feet. They can grow up to a 10’x30″ unit, or even more depending on where you are. This allows you to pick the perfect size for your specific needs. The size unit that is needed may be unknown to you if you haven’t used it before. The property manager’s knowledge will come in handy. Your property manager can recommend an appropriate unit size based on items that you are planning to store. Ask the manager to take you through the actual unit. Being able to view the unit will give you a better understanding of what will fit in it, and if the unit is suitable for your requirements.

Prices are a factor, but they’re not necessarily the number one. There’s no doubt that many people are willing pay a few dollars more to get a self-storage facility with the amenities they want. As the old saying goes, you get what is worth it. This also holds true for self-storage. It is often the case that the cheapest option will not necessarily be the one you should choose. Most likely, there is a reason that it’s cheaper. The facility may have fewer security measures, such as a lack of video surveillance or pass-code protection. Could be the older facility and property hasn’t been maintained well. A dirty and rundown facility is not a place most people feel secure storing their precious items. Do not trust a storage unit that charges much less than competitors. Be sure to visit all facilities prior to making any final decisions. Always ask the facility about any current discounts or special promotions. In the tough economic climate of today, self storage offers many discounts.