Canister vs Upright Vacuum: The Definitive Guide

Homeowners across the globe have one thing in common: they have dealt with the various challenges of manually cleaning grimy floors, dusty carpets, or dirty and stained furniture in order to maintain a clean and hygienic indoor environment.

However, manual cleaning processes require large amounts of energy, time and patience. As such, any individual who falls in this category should make it their top priority to purchase the best type of vacuum cleaner to assist them in keeping their homes clean.

The following guide will provide you with distinguishing details and features of both canister and upright vacuums that will help you make a choice that will best suit your needs.

The Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright style vacuumAs its name suggests, these types of cleaners stand and perform their functions while in an upright position.

As such, they are considered to be the most common type used in many apartments and homes. This is due to the fact that they offer users with the finest option for the quick elimination of top dirt and dust from large carpet areas, hardwood floors and rugs.

There are two types of uprights, namely, dual-motor and a single motor.

The brush and vacuum features in single-motor upright vacuums function on one motor whereas, in dual-motor upright vacuums, the brush and vacuum features function on separate motors.

The Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming floor with vacuum wandThese types of vacuum cleaners contain separate motor and bag units that are typically mounted on wheels to aid maneuvering. They are great for spot cleaning as they are lighter than other models and the vacuum head can easily reach most hard-to-reach areas. Top rated canister vacuum cleaners are highly recommended, especially by vacuum review websites like Floor Executives because they provide all the power and flexibility that you could possibly ask for in a cleaner, while at the same time offering it to in a nifty and usable design.

Not only do they offer outstanding performance on smooth hardwood floors and carpeted areas, but they also provide exceptional above the floor surface cleaning.

The type of canister vacuum should be the first key determining factor that ought to be taken into account when choosing the best one for your home. There are three basic types of canisters based on the tools the device utilizes during the vacuuming process:

  1. The first type of canister vacuum is the straight suction vacuum. This particular type comprise of a floor tool characterized by a basic, non-revolving brush and is best used for cleaning flat carpets and hard floors.
  2. The second type is ran by the airflow produced by the canister’s suction motor and uses a turbine floor tool. They are best used on dusty carpets and furniture.
  3. The last type is equipped with a revolving power brush, much like most upright vacuum cleaners, and is driven by a detached electric motor. It is often denoted as a “power team” because it is perfect for the vacuuming of all surfaces.

N.B. Whether you wish to purchase a canister or upright vacuum, it is important that you judge the performance and relate it back to your cleaning needs. You can do this based on the number of passes the cleaner needs to make in order to adequately clean a surface. Fewer passes indicate better performance, and usually a stronger suction power (although not always the case). To learn why canister vacuums are generally preferred over their upright counterparts when it comes to most types of floors, be sure to follow The Floor Executives on their Facebook page and check out all their latest articles.