Tips For Cleaning Your Floor Without Leaving Streaks

Clean Wood Floor

Your floor is one of the most important areas of your house. A clean and gleaming floor does much to add to the house’s aesthetic appeal. It is paramount therefore that you learn the best way to clean your floor without causing it damage. Here are some of the most essential tips on how best to get a sparkling floor without destroying it with hideous streaks. These tips are a sure win regardless of whether your floor is wooden, linoleum or vinyl among others.

Get Rid of Dust

Most people go wrong by starting the cleaning process with mopping. As you struggle to get the mud off the floor, streaking is inevitable. The best approach to cleaning is to dust it off first. Sweeping and vacuuming are the best ways to do this. Dust causes small scratches on the floor that eventually lead to larger more visible damage. When vacuuming, ensure that you pick the best vacuum type for your floor.

Choosing a Cleaner

There are different cleaning mixtures in the market for different types of floors; terrazzo, wood, ceramic and marble to name but a few. Using the wrong solution can be very hazardous. The cleaners are well labelled and indicate the specific floor to be used on. After getting the right cleaner, you can still go wrong if you mix it in incorrect amounts. A mix that is too strong leaves hideous streaks of chemical remnants and one that is too weak leaves streaks of dust particles. Keenness is thus the best way to avoid streaking. A thorough reading of instructions and usage and adherence to these will keep your floors clean and streak-free.


This is the most crucial step to getting a clean gleaming floor with zero streaks. It should be done meticulously so it is even and smooth. The trick is to do one section at a time ensuring the finishing is perfect. You can basically begin at the far corners of the room and work section by section to the exit. This helps avoid stepping on already cleaned areas and leaving residues. Ensure you apply a mopping style that will not leave any spots unclean. Keep the mop well rinsed also as you move through sections to avoid streaks from any dirt that was missed during vacuuming.


Water is an essential part of cleaning your floor. Hard water is emblazoned with many minerals that can make mixing the cleaning solution harder and even wasteful. The minerals can also cause streaks on the floors even after a thorough cleaning. This can be solved by either getting your house a water softening system or purchasing distilled water for your mopping needs.

Your floor is an important investment that deserve care and attention to serve you right. There is a beauty in a clean streak free floor that is wholesome and rare. It gives the whole house a fresh and spacious feel. These tips followed to the letter will invite this beauty into your home, office or business place. Cleaning effectively has never been simpler.