Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair


When I ordered the Dyson DC65 Animal I had read several reviews. I had high expectations but at the same time I had been disappointed before.

I own a Great Pyranees and a Pit Bull mix. Our pet hair was truly astounding. I vacuumed constantly.

Some of my big white dog’ hair is in excess of five inches in length. We have much white hair.

We also have tons of tan colored short but kinky hair. I love my dogs so I needed help. When your pets are family members you need a powerful vacuum.

I am giving this one five stars. It seriously removes everything. No longer am I going to work with white hair stuck to my clothes. Before this was an everyday occurrence.

I could easily find the longer ones and pull them off but the little ones were different..There was no escaping them. Now when I get to work people cannot even tell that I have pets. It is truly amazing. I love my pets but don’t always want to take parts of them with me.Dog Hair

Unlike my previous vacuum hair does not fly the other way away from me when I’m vacuuming. It has TONS of suction. The brushes are so strong that it pulls itself along similar to a self-propelled lawn mower. (The brushes turn off with one little button if you need them off.)

The Animal has an average amount of noise. I have heard more quiet vacuums and also more noisy.

The power cord is an amazing 25 feet long. No need to unplug and plug back in in another room. This is one of my favorite features. Running out of cord is a pet peeve of mine.

The Specs

The Dyson DC65 Animal

We have all heard how conventional vacuums with bags lose dirt and allergens through the tiny holes in the bag. Some ordinary bagless machines have the same problem. No bag doesn’t always mean air tight. This one has radial root technology to remove dirt and dust from your home.
This is an amazing vacuum.

This model has two times the suction as any other vacuum. It has a tangle free turbine tool made to remove dirt and hair of any kind from carpets and furniture. The Animal has counter rotating heads to increase pick up of any foreign substances that you need picked up. Also this model has a self adjusting cleaner head for adjusting from carpets to linoleum, wood floors, or tile.

  • As with any Dyson this has the latest ball technology.The animal is easy to empty.
  • The bin pulls out and empties with the press of a single button. The bin is clear so you can immediately see that it is ready to slide back in.
  • Weight of the Animal is 17.3 pounds.
  • Also there is a soft dusting brush to clean curtains and lamp shades and those type of things.
  • Exceptional warranty includes five years on parts and labor.
  • This vacuum is engineered especially to pick up pet hair. Another great pet vacuum you might want to check out is the BISSELL PowerEdge.

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