Join Me in The Search For a New Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Small ApartmentI live in a small one bedroom apartment where maneuvering a hefty cordless handheld vacuum just wouldn’t be possible.

At the same time I found the idea of a cordless cleaner very appealing as I don’t have many outlets at home.

With so many options available online I made a list of the best cordless handheld vacuums from Cleaniatric and hit the stores to test them in person, these are the 3 that made the cut.

Dirt Devil Gator (BD10165)

Bare floors, upholstery, carpets and hard to reach areas, you name it, the Dirt Devil can clean it. This compact machine comes with a host of features:

  • Its long battery life enables it to run for at least 25 minutes continuously.
  • Lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use.
  • It is a bag-less vacuum cleaner with a dust cup that flips open and is a cinch to empty and clean.
  • Comes with a brush roll attachment for carpets and upholstery and a crevice tool that is built in.
  • Pet hair however proves to be hard to suck up with this vacuum.
  • It uses approximately 15 volts of power.

Black & Decker (Dustbuster- CHV1510)

This cordless hand-vac will set you back a bit more than the other two machines but at the same time it does a really good job of sucking up dirt and it is very easy to use. It is also:

  • Great for removing pet hair.
  • Equipped with a slim rotating nozzle, a crevice tool and flip-up brush.
  • It also requires at least 24 hours of charge in order to run full-time.
  • All the extra tools are inbuilt.
  • The suction on this device is great because it is equipped with cyclonic action, which means that the dirt is pushed away from the filter to prevent clogging.
  • Includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Unfortunately it is far noisier than its competitors.

Black & Decker (PHV1810)

Black & Decker really know how to build good vacuums and the PHV is moderately better than the CHV mentioned above.

  • This device uses 18 volts of power as compared to the 15.6 volts of the CHV.
  • It is also even more compact than the CHV as the front nozzle is fold-able.
  • The PHV addresses the issue of noise, it is quiet and bag-less like the Dirt Devil which makes it easy to clean and its design includes an LED light to indicate charging.
  • The PHV does share similar features with the CHV, for instance it too has a brush and crevice tool both of which are on-board (not loose), and it incorporates cyclonic technology and also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


From what we can gather, as far as cordless handheld vacuum cleaners go, all three of these devices are lightweight, easy to use and clean and do an exceptionally good job at sucking up dirt and debris. Unlike the two Black & Decker machines, Dirt Devil does not use cyclonic action which means its suction capabilities can diminish when the filter gets clogged with dirt, which is probably one of the reasons why picking up pet hair is so difficult with this machine.


Aside from this one major difference all three devices are fairly similar with the Dirt Devil being only slightly cheaper (around 8-10 dollars). Personally I purchased the PHV in spite of all 3 performing equally well, because those minor differences still made it the best handheld vacuum among the three, it also looked and felt better and was in fact cheaper than the CHV which had fewer capabilities.

While factors such as price and overall appeal will no doubt influence your decision it is safe to say that any one of these machines would make an excellent choice.