Finding The Best Rated Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have hard floors in your home? If you do, then you probably know that some the top enemies of hard floors, especially those made of high quality wood are water and dust. Add some dirt and gravel, and it will be a torture for your hardwood floors because they can become scratched and nasty marks. Even the minutest dirt, if not removed promptly can create so much damage to your hard floors. hardwood

Why Pick a Top Rated Hardwood Vacuum?

It is important to know how to properly take good care of your hard floors to preserve its quality. Although routine dusting and sweeping can be done, they are not enough, as it is difficult to pull away dirt especially on hard to reach areas under the bed or couches. And in my case, animal hairs from my three dogs make it even more difficult to clean. That is why the hardwood vacuum cleaners reviewed on Hardwood Champ are invaluable cleaning tools.

Which Vacuum to Choose?

There are hundreds of vacuum cleaners available today, and every one of them offers various features and abilities. What makes it even harder to find the best rated vacuum cleaner is that, all top brands will claim that theirs is the best.The sheer number of vacuum cleaners makes it hard to truly find the best there is, if you do not have a personal experience with a particular device.

As I have no idea what to anticipate about a particular cleaner, I often read reviews and recommendations from those who have personal experience with the product.

  • Individual reviews give me a clue about its power and what exactly it can do as well as its weaknesses.
  • Reviews from owners can help me analyze if the particular cleaner is best suited to my needs.
  • Reading reviews significantly trims down my selections, which eventually help select the highest rated cleaner available.

Other Important Considerations

Here are some other personal guidelines that I follow:

  • The House – Because our house is quite large and with multiple rooms, I tend to be partial with light but durable models. It would be too tiring to navigate around the house and transfer from one room to another with heavy and bulky cleaners.
  • The User – I also consider the comfort of the user. Because I am prone to allergies to dust and dog hairs, I look for highly-rated bagged cleaners. Although they come with a premium price, I find them more convenient compared to bag less cleaners as dust have the tendency to escape.
  • The Serviceability – Vacuum cleaners with excellent service support rate high to me. As wear and tear can be expected with longer usage, the availability of spare parts and support services is a good consideration.
  • The Price – Before buying the cleaner, I normally compare prices of similar models from different brands. Although most would associate high price with quality, I always check the features, durability and ease of use, in order to have a better judgment if the cleaner is worth the price I pay. Often, there are moderately-priced cleaners that gives excellent value.