How to Pick The Best Wood Floor Coating For Your Home

Your lifestyle as well as maintenance preferences play a key role in selecting the right type of finish for the wood floors. A wood floor coating will be the best, if it can be easily applied, maintained and lasts at least for four to five years. When it wears out, it must be easily refinished able. All wood floors require regular maintenance including cleaning, sweeping and mopping to keep them looking beautiful.

Different coatings make a significant impact on the appearance depending upon their maintenance. The coating should be water resistant, durable and require minimum maintenance.

There are wax finishes. They seal the pores and form a protective covering. These finishes provide a durable surface, but show up spots due to water or the presence of other contaminates. In addition, there are acrylic impregnated wood coatings that offer an extremely hard and highly durable floor. These coatings are generally used in high traffic commercial settings including restaurants and malls.

The Best Coating

Most wood floor coatings are blends of synthetic resins. Out of various coatings used, urethanes or polyurethanes provide a wear resistant and durable protective layer. These are most preferred types of coating.

Best Wood Floor CoatingA polyurethane coating is liked because of it is easy to apply. It also provides a clear and durable finish. It can bear traffic; resist the spills as well as other common minor mishaps that are common for wooden floors. The floor can be easily cleaned and maintained. Normally, the floors can be refinished after a light sanding and applying a couple of coats of polyurethane.

Most renowned manufacturers of this polyurethane coating provide a range of products with a glossy, semi-glossy, matte or hand a-rubbed appearance. You can use two or three coats to get high gloss and extra protection.

Polyurethane is most commonly used for a clear and hard top coating for finish and protection. Basically, you get two types of polyurethane finishes: water-based and solvent-based.

A solvent-based coating undergoes a chemical reaction when it cures. It provides a hard surface, but there are fumes while working with it. There can be a noticeable change in color with a light coat.

The water based polyurethane coating is easy to apply. Fast-drying polyurethane preparations are made to provide most durable coatings that can be used after all types of staining. Water-based finishes provide clear top coating and resist the surface from becoming yellow over time. These coatings also have a very mild odor, but dry fast in two to three hours.

The manufacturers supply non catalyzed emulsion finishes for use by homeowners. These products are less toxic, have a low-odor, and dry fast. In addition, the water-based polyurethane coating offers a durable rich tone of polyurethane.


  • Solvent free
  • Provides excellent adhesion
  • Can provide excellent glossy or matte finish
  • Has best stain resistance and retention
  • Provides hardness and wear resistant surface
  • It is nontoxic and dries easily
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The surface should be properly cleaned to remove dust, grease, waxes and foreign particles. The wood can be stained with water, oil based or gel stain. The grain, texture and sap in the natural wood vary considerably. You may have to match the different pieces to get the required finish or tones. The wood surface is to be sealed with a sealer and sanded before applying top coating. It is advisable to use protective wears as advised by the manufacturers. Visit for more tips and ideas on how to maintain your wood floors and keep them looking new.