Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair


When I ordered the Dyson DC65 Animal I had read several reviews. I had high expectations but at the same time I had been disappointed before.

I own a Great Pyranees and a Pit Bull mix. Our pet hair was truly astounding. I vacuumed constantly.

Some of my big white dog’ hair is in excess of five inches in length. We have much white hair.

We also have tons of tan colored short but kinky hair. I love my dogs so I needed help. When your pets are family members you need a powerful vacuum.

I am giving this one five stars. It seriously removes everything. No longer am I going to work with white hair stuck to my clothes. Before this was an everyday occurrence.

I could easily find the longer ones and pull them off but the little ones were different..There was no escaping them. Now when I get to work people cannot even tell that I have pets. It is truly amazing. I love my pets but don’t always want to take parts of them with me.Dog Hair

Unlike my previous vacuum hair does not fly the other way away from me when I’m vacuuming. It has TONS of suction. The brushes are so strong that it pulls itself along similar to a self-propelled lawn mower. (The brushes turn off with one little button if you need them off.)

The Animal has an average amount of noise. I have heard more quiet vacuums and also more noisy.

The power cord is an amazing 25 feet long. No need to unplug and plug back in in another room. This is one of my favorite features. Running out of cord is a pet peeve of mine.

The Specs

The Dyson DC65 Animal

We have all heard how conventional vacuums with bags lose dirt and allergens through the tiny holes in the bag. Some ordinary bagless machines have the same problem. No bag doesn’t always mean air tight. This one has radial root technology to remove dirt and dust from your home.
This is an amazing vacuum.

This model has two times the suction as any other vacuum. It has a tangle free turbine tool made to remove dirt and hair of any kind from carpets and furniture. The Animal has counter rotating heads to increase pick up of any foreign substances that you need picked up. Also this model has a self adjusting cleaner head for adjusting from carpets to linoleum, wood floors, or tile.

  • As with any Dyson this has the latest ball technology.The animal is easy to empty.
  • The bin pulls out and empties with the press of a single button. The bin is clear so you can immediately see that it is ready to slide back in.
  • Weight of the Animal is 17.3 pounds.
  • Also there is a soft dusting brush to clean curtains and lamp shades and those type of things.
  • Exceptional warranty includes five years on parts and labor.
  • This vacuum is engineered especially to pick up pet hair. Another great pet vacuum you might want to check out is the BISSELL PowerEdge.

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Join Me in The Search For a New Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Small ApartmentI live in a small one bedroom apartment where maneuvering a hefty cordless handheld vacuum just wouldn’t be possible.

At the same time I found the idea of a cordless cleaner very appealing as I don’t have many outlets at home.

With so many options available online I made a list of the best cordless handheld vacuums from and hit the stores to test them in person, these are the 3 that made the cut.

Dirt Devil Gator (BD10165)

Bare floors, upholstery, carpets and hard to reach areas, you name it, the Dirt Devil can clean it. This compact machine comes with a host of features:

  • Its long battery life enables it to run for at least 25 minutes continuously.
  • Lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use.
  • It is a bag-less vacuum cleaner with a dust cup that flips open and is a cinch to empty and clean.
  • Comes with a brush roll attachment for carpets and upholstery and a crevice tool that is built in.
  • Pet hair however proves to be hard to suck up with this vacuum.
  • It uses approximately 15 volts of power.

Black & Decker (Dustbuster- CHV1510)

This cordless hand-vac will set you back a bit more than the other two machines but at the same time it does a really good job of sucking up dirt and it is very easy to use. It is also:

  • Great for removing pet hair.
  • Equipped with a slim rotating nozzle, a crevice tool and flip-up brush.
  • It also requires at least 24 hours of charge in order to run full-time.
  • All the extra tools are inbuilt.
  • The suction on this device is great because it is equipped with cyclonic action, which means that the dirt is pushed away from the filter to prevent clogging.
  • Includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Unfortunately it is far noisier than its competitors.

Black & Decker (PHV1810)

Black & Decker really know how to build good vacuums and the PHV is moderately better than the CHV mentioned above.

  • This device uses 18 volts of power as compared to the 15.6 volts of the CHV.
  • It is also even more compact than the CHV as the front nozzle is fold-able.
  • The PHV addresses the issue of noise, it is quiet and bag-less like the Dirt Devil which makes it easy to clean and its design includes an LED light to indicate charging.
  • The PHV does share similar features with the CHV, for instance it too has a brush and crevice tool both of which are on-board (not loose), and it incorporates cyclonic technology and also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.


From what we can gather, as far as cordless handheld vacuum cleaners go, all three of these devices are lightweight, easy to use and clean and do an exceptionally good job at sucking up dirt and debris. Unlike the two Black & Decker machines, Dirt Devil does not use cyclonic action which means its suction capabilities can diminish when the filter gets clogged with dirt, which is probably one of the reasons why picking up pet hair is so difficult with this machine.


Aside from this one major difference all three devices are fairly similar with the Dirt Devil being only slightly cheaper (around 8-10 dollars). Personally I purchased the PHV in spite of all 3 performing equally well, because those minor differences still made it the best handheld vacuum among the three, it also looked and felt better and was in fact cheaper than the CHV which had fewer capabilities.

While factors such as price and overall appeal will no doubt influence your decision it is safe to say that any one of these machines would make an excellent choice.

Finding The Best Rated Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have hard floors in your home? If you do, then you probably know that some the top enemies of hard floors, especially those made of high quality wood are water and dust. Add some dirt and gravel, and it will be a torture for your hardwood floors because they can become scratched and nasty marks. Even the minutest dirt, if not removed promptly can create so much damage to your hard floors. hardwood

Why Pick a Top Rated Hardwood Vacuum?

It is important to know how to properly take good care of your hard floors to preserve its quality. Although routine dusting and sweeping can be done, they are not enough, as it is difficult to pull away dirt especially on hard to reach areas under the bed or couches. And in my case, animal hairs from my three dogs make it even more difficult to clean. That is why, a vacuum cleaner that’s been designed for hardwood floors is an invaluable cleaning tool.

Which Vacuum to Choose?

There are hundreds of vacuum cleaners available today, and every one of them offers various features and abilities. What makes it even harder to find the best rated vacuum cleaner is that, all top brands will claim that theirs is the best.The sheer number of vacuum cleaners makes it hard to truly find the best there is, if you do not have a personal experience with a particular device.

As I have no idea what to anticipate about a particular cleaner, I often read reviews and recommendations from those who have personal experience with the product.

  • Individual reviews give me a clue about its power and what exactly it can do as well as its weaknesses.
  • Reviews from owners can help me analyze if the particular cleaner is best suited to my needs.
  • Reading reviews significantly trims down my selections, which eventually help select the highest rated cleaner available.

Other Important Considerations

Here are some other personal guidelines that I follow:

  • The House – Because our house is quite large and with multiple rooms, I tend to be partial with light but durable models. It would be too tiring to navigate around the house and transfer from one room to another with heavy and bulky cleaners.
  • The User – I also consider the comfort of the user. Because I am prone to allergies to dust and dog hairs, I look for highly-rated bagged cleaners. Although they come with a premium price, I find them more convenient compared to bag less cleaners as dust have the tendency to escape.
  • The Serviceability – Vacuum cleaners with excellent service support rate high to me. As wear and tear can be expected with longer usage, the availability of spare parts and support services is a good consideration.
  • The Price – Before buying the cleaner, I normally compare prices of similar models from different brands. Although most would associate high price with quality, I always check the features, durability and ease of use, in order to have a better judgment if the cleaner is worth the price I pay. Often, there are moderately-priced cleaners that gives excellent value.

How to Replace Wood Floor Boards

Have you ever had concerns about a damaged hardwood board in your house and you don’t have a professional to fix it? You are not the only person. Everyone who has a hardwood floor will certainly have to replacement a damaged board at some time. Board replacement is a common in the hardwood flooring industry.

Wooden Floor BoardsMost boards which need to be replaced are due to events which are out of our control, for instance: environmental factors, objects that fall shoes, damage from furniture, pets and children. A board replacement will make your flooring looking as if it was never damaged before and you won’t know that replacement has been done.

Here are the simple steps on how you can replace a damaged board in you flooring.

Tools needed for board replacement:

  • Circular Saw
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Painters tape
  • Miter Box
  • Epoxy
  • Small pry bar
  • Painters plastic (used to prevent the furniture from dust exposure)

Step 1: Cover the bottom side of your circular saw using a blue tape so that it may not scratch your flooring. Set up the depth of the skill saw to match the thickness of the board you want to replace. Apply blue tape throughout the board that is being cut so that you do not accidentally cut into a different plank. Cut down the side of the board on the groove surface and on the tongue surface and then make an additional cut diagonally across the first two cuts you had made.

Step 2: Using a pry bar and a hammer, pull up the two halves in the center of the board. Chisel out the few remaining pieces that are stuck around the edges.

Step 3: Pull out the nails and cut out the rosin paper or the felt. Take a vacuum cleaner to clean any debris.

Step 4: using the #2080 painters tape, obtain the measurements of the area that was cut out.

Step 5: Measure the new board and cut it into desired lengths needed. Using a sanding sponge, create a slight bevel especially on the cut edge. Cut the bottom groove off the width and length of the board.

Step 6: Apply urethane adhesive to the cleaned sub floor in a snake like pattern. Place the new board in; sliding the tongue into place first. Use a block of wood to tap down gently and precisely on the new board. This will knock it in place.

Step 7: Apply some weight to the board until the adhesive cures. Use a cleaner to clean any debris.

You have now finished your board replacement! Very simple process indeed!

Here are installation tips that you have to put in mind before you conclude your work:

Tip 1: As a result of natural color changes in most wood species, the replaced board may not actually match the old flooring. If this is happens, let the new board sit in a spot where it will receive the most light for a week. Direct light quickens the color change which allows the new board to match with the old flooring in a better. This also helps the new board toughen to the new environment of the home.

Tip 2: Measure the sides of the old board to make sure that it is equal to the sides of the new board. If the old board has expanded, the new board will not fit. The board replacement should be adjourned until a drier climate.

Now that you know how to replace wood floor boards, make sure you also know how to pick the best wood floor coating. For more great tips on hardwood floors, hardwood floor vacuums, and cleaning wood floors in general, visit Homestadna. Good luck with your project!

How to Pick The Best Wood Floor Coating For Your Home

Your lifestyle as well as maintenance preferences play a key role in selecting the right type of finish for the wood floors. A wood floor coating will be the best, if it can be easily applied, maintained and lasts at least for four to five years. When it wears out, it must be easily refinished able. All wood floors require regular maintenance including cleaning, sweeping and mopping to keep them looking beautiful.

Different coatings make a significant impact on the appearance depending upon their maintenance. The coating should be water resistant, durable and require minimum maintenance.

There are wax finishes. They seal the pores and form a protective covering. These finishes provide a durable surface, but show up spots due to water or the presence of other contaminates. In addition, there are acrylic impregnated wood coatings that offer an extremely hard and highly durable floor. These coatings are generally used in high traffic commercial settings including restaurants and malls.

The Best Coating

Most wood floor coatings are blends of synthetic resins. Out of various coatings used, urethanes or polyurethanes provide a wear resistant and durable protective layer. These are most preferred types of coating.

Best Wood Floor CoatingA polyurethane coating is liked because of it is easy to apply. It also provides a clear and durable finish. It can bear traffic; resist the spills as well as other common minor mishaps that are common for wooden floors. The floor can be easily cleaned and maintained. Normally, the floors can be refinished after a light sanding and applying a couple of coats of polyurethane.

Most renowned manufacturers of this polyurethane coating provide a range of products with a glossy, semi-glossy, matte or hand a-rubbed appearance. You can use two or three coats to get high gloss and extra protection.

Polyurethane is most commonly used for a clear and hard top coating for finish and protection. Basically, you get two types of polyurethane finishes: water-based and solvent-based.

A solvent-based coating undergoes a chemical reaction when it cures. It provides a hard surface, but there are fumes while working with it. There can be a noticeable change in color with a light coat.

The water based polyurethane coating is easy to apply. Fast-drying polyurethane preparations are made to provide most durable coatings that can be used after all types of staining. Water-based finishes provide clear top coating and resist the surface from becoming yellow over time. These coatings also have a very mild odor, but dry fast in two to three hours.

The manufacturers supply non catalyzed emulsion finishes for use by homeowners. These products are less toxic, have a low-odor, and dry fast. In addition, the water-based polyurethane coating offers a durable rich tone of polyurethane.


  • Solvent free
  • Provides excellent adhesion
  • Can provide excellent glossy or matte finish
  • Has best stain resistance and retention
  • Provides hardness and wear resistant surface
  • It is nontoxic and dries easily
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The surface should be properly cleaned to remove dust, grease, waxes and foreign particles. The wood can be stained with water, oil based or gel stain. The grain, texture and sap in the natural wood vary considerably. You may have to match the different pieces to get the required finish or tones. The wood surface is to be sealed with a sealer and sanded before applying top coating. It is advisable to use protective wears as advised by the manufacturers. Visit for more tips and ideas on how to maintain your wood floors and keep them looking new.